matt. warm. progressive. discreet.
HOTEL Restaurant

The location of the boutique hotel is more than convenient for a city trip and at least as picturesque: it is located in the old town, in the center of Cologne’s city history, so to speak, right next to the historic town hall.

The color scheme of the interior has been chosen to reflect the town hall tower opposite. Matt surfaces in predominantly warm colors, complemented by subtle accents, create a harmonious, elegant overall picture. The entire textile repertoire comes from the luxury manufacturer Luiz.

The highlight of the interior is likely to be the beds created by designer Peter Fehrentz, with their high-quality walnut headboard into which removable, fabric-covered panels have been inserted. Comfort is guaranteed, not least thanks to the advanced technical equipment. For example, the lighting can be conveniently controlled using a touchpad.

The Puls restaurant in the hotel, run by 2-star chef Daniel Gottschlich, has been attracting a lot of attention since it opened. In addition to à la carte dishes, it also serves bar food at the highest level

Interior Design

Ines Kapplinghaus


Custom made (Luiz, Peter Fehrentz)


Bürgerstraße 2, 50667 Köln