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Søren Rose comes from a small Danish village named Svendborg. This did not stop him from making a stunning career that lead him to the metropolis New York.  His parents surely helped there: As a son of an artist and a businessman, he was bestowed with creative as well entrepreneurial talent. Hence, it is not surprising that the busy guy founded several companies with creative output over time.

In the meantime, his focus is mainly on Klein, a company founded in Copenhagen in 2017 that follows the objective to re-define the Tiny House, and of course also on the Søren Rose Studio. The creative space with offices in New York and Copenhagen has been in business since 2009 and positions itself as an interdisciplinary design studio with a focus on interior design, architecture and product design.

Søren Rose describes himself as a minimalist materialist. His designs display what he means with that: Structurally, they are reduced to the max and are mainly thought functionally and with that stand for best Scandinavian design tradition. On the other hand, they they focus on pleasure and awake consumption desires. “We have to wish for the things that we design,” explains Rose. “If the design does not even evoke a small materialistic yearning, it is better to let the idea go.”

Regarding product design, Søren Rose Studio collaborates with renowned design brands such as Menu, Unoform, Mater or Muuto. In 2021, the result of the cooperation with the Danish outdoor specialist Cane-line was presented: furniture pieces that not only show the minimalist materialist but also Søren Rose’s clear working philosophy: “Furniture design has to be fun.”

Søren Rose

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