Terms of Use

Terms of Use

1. General information

1.1. Signatureplaces.com is an offer from Angelika Müller that is free of charge for the user.
1.2. The following conditions apply to the use of Signatureplaces.com.
1.3. By using the website you agree to our terms and conditions.

2. Information offers and website

Signatureplaces.com is not obliged to make the information made available on the websites operated permanently available. Studentenrabtt.com assumes no responsibility or liability for the availability of the website and the published offers or conditions.

3. Ownership of content

All contents of the website are the intellectual property of Signatureplaces.com. Use for private purposes is permitted. Contents may not be changed or used commercially.

4. Liability

4.1 All information and contents of the website are provided without guarantee of completeness or correctness. Signatureplaces.com is only liable without limitation for damage caused intentionally or through gross negligence. In all other cases, liability is limited to the replacement of foreseeable and contract-typical damages.
4.2 Signatureplaces.com is not liable for damages resulting from the use of content linked to our website.

5. Data protection and data use

5.1 You will find detailed information on this in our Privacy Policy.
5.2 If you do not wish Signatureplaces.com to contact you, you can inform us of this in writing at any time. We will then no longer contact you.

6. Changes to the General Terms and Conditions

6.1 Signatureplaces.com reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.
6.2 In this case, you as a user have the right to terminate your use and membership without cause within 14 days of notification of the changes.

Berlin, February 2018