Luxury Residences by Widder

private. charming. spacious. old.
Photo: The Living Circle

Since May 2020, the five star hotel Widder has a special offer for long term guests and Zurich visitors seeking privacy and lots of space: Only 50 meters from the main house and located in the historic, 14th Century “Ochsen” building, four modern apartments with over 100 square meters each, two to three bedrooms and a fully equipped kitchen were created.

As with the Widder, architects aimed to preserve the authentic character and historic charm of the medieval building. Regarding design, the apartments also follow the style of the main house and contrast old brick walls, lattice and stucco ceilings with contemporary design classics.

A very special place in the heart of Zurich’s historic center

Architecture & Interior Design



Cassina, Rubelli, Lelièvre

Luxury Residences by Widder

Rennweg 7, 8001 Zürich