Cin Cin

light. nostalgic. geometric. happy.

Light colors, nostalgic lettering and geometric shapes catapult the visitor into the happy color world of Italian seaside resorts of the 70s the minute they step into the bar Cin Cin.  An effect that interior designer Michael Malapert – who actually started his career in Philippe Starck’s studio – totally intended when he designed the bar on the Grands Boulevards.

The place with retro look serves first class design besides Italian delicacies:  with summery cool Carrara marble and pastel colored benches Malapert not only created instagrammable backgrounds for French foodies and selfie photographers but also awakes memories of  Dolci diversi and striped parasols on sunny Mediterranean beaches.

The ceiling was painted by Malapert in exactly the same color that reminds guests of the deep blue evening sky of the Italian Riviera.

Interior Design

Michael Malapert


Armet, Pierre Frey, Rubn, Territoires Paris

Cin Cin

9 Boulevard Poissonnière