Lindley Lindenberg

communal. versatile. cast-iron. history-conscious.
Photo: Steve Herud

The Lindley Lindenberg is not a classic hotel. It sets its focus on the experience of the guest community. Long term renters are as welcome as people staying just a night. Together, guests follow the principle of collaborative living and share the versatile and creatively endowed spaces. The 100 guest rooms of the hotel basically just serve the purpose of being a place to sleep and shower. The communal rooms spread across seven floors play the role of living room, dining room, hobby room, office and kitchen.

Yet that does not mean that the rooms are not also a nice retreat. The opposite is true. The high ceilings along with a sensible design, premium materials and a thoughtful color scheme create a pleasant atmosphere. From the outside, the hotel reminds of the industrial architecture of the Wilhelminian time with its cast-iron covered glass facade. The interior with its finely aligned contrast of playfulness and clarity reminds of Art Nouveau and Art Déco.

Other than the communal rooms which are only accessible to guests, the restaurant, bakery and bar of the Lindley Lindenberg are open to the public.


Franken Architekten, Exitecture

Interior Design

Studio Aberja


Thonet, e15, Kvadrat, Kinnasand, Creation Baumann

Lindley Lindenberg

Lindleystraße 17, 60314 Frankfurt am Main, Germany