Bubble Lodge

comfortable. transparent. close-to-nature. sustainable.
Photo: Sun Resort

Tent, air mattress and gas cooker are a thing of the past! Guests of the paradise-like island Île aux Cerfs located off the East coast of Mauritius can experience a luxurious and cozy stay close to nature: Transparent bubbles with comfortable features await guests that can basically sleep under the sky in the middle of the tropical landscape.

On top of that the unusual resort’s bubbles, designed by designer Laurent Girard, are completely recyclable and only consume a minimal amount of energy. The only drawback: The choices! There are three equally tempting Bubble Lodges: one in a Banyan tree, one at a island lake, one at the lovely beach.

The golf course on Île aux Cerfs was designed by German golf champion Bernhard Langer.

Architecture & Interior Design

Laurent Girard

The essentials

Ile aux Cerfs Leisure Island