The Court

history-charged. summery. elegant. light.
Photo: Guido Fuà

It is mainly the spectacular surroundings that makes the bar of the luxurious 5-star hotel Palazzo Manfredi unique. Directly in front of the Ludus Magnus, the largest gladiator training camp of antique Rome, and with a free view of the Colosseum located directly behind it, The Court is more than certainly located on history-charged ground.

But it is not only the prestige address alone: The bar that has been developed as an outdoor lounge serves guests unusual cocktails that are mixed by one of Italy’s most famous bar keepers. And last but not least, it is the typical Italian elegance that delights. Architect Giorgia Dennerlein contrasts the monumentalism of the surrounding architecture with casual lightness. With an attractive color play and a stylish interior by Italian manufacturers, she creates an exquisite open air stage for the perfect Roman summer evening.

Enjoy a visit after sundown and a perfectly mixed cocktail while looking at the Colosseum lit from the inside.


Giorgia Dennerlein


Martinelli Luce, Roda, Serralunga, Dedon, Moooi

The Court

Via Labicana, 125, 00184 Roma RM, Italy