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Café Restaurant
Photo: Fabios

In order to eat at Fabio Giacobello’s, Simply Red singer Mick Hufknall  supposedly flew in with a helicopter. And Bruce Springsteen asked for the recipe of his favorite dessert. Stories like these have made Fabios the most famous Italian restaurant in Vienna. The VIP factor is very magnetic!

In Spring 2022, owner Fabio Giacobello had has – by now 20-year-old place – comprehensively restyled. Especially the bar was completely renewed: ” I just wanted a cozy bar in which you can truly feel the Italian flair”, says the owner. What stayed is the cosmopolitan ambience of the restaurant and the excellent quality of the meals.

La dolce vita is even sweeter in the new Fabios

Interior Design

Burghardt ZT


Barovier&Toso, Veronese, Georg Bechter Licht, XAL


Tuchlauben 4, 1010 Wien, Austria