Arany Spa

luxurious. monetary. landmarked. relaxing.
Spa & Beauty

The Arany Spa is located in the former vault room of a landmarked bank building. It is part of the Park Hyatt Hotel – and in Hungarian the word Arany means gold.

The Viennese luxury spa is 1,000 square meters large. Besides treatment rooms if features a fifteen by 6 meter large pool.

To create a relaxation haven in such a special space was not free of challenges. Since a roof had to be removed, the entire building had to be raised a couple of millimeters to be able to include the necessary steel construction.

Reminiscing the past: the former three ton heavy safe door was kept in place.

Interior Design

FG Stijl,


Klafs, Technogym, custom made

Arany Spa

Am Hof 2, 1010 Wien, Austria