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Café Restaurant
San Francisco

“Every subsequent generation accepts less and less the true core of things because it does not understand what has been lost,” once said American environmental activist Michael Frome.

In this spirit, chef Chris Bleidorn runs his heritage cuisine in the Birdsong restaurant in the tradition of the Northwestern Pacific coast. Part of that is cooking over an open fire, fermentation and dry aged meat.

The materials of the interior fit the concept. Among them wooden floors of Douglas fir – of course from the area.

On top of that, the local design studio Jeremiah Collection designed and built furniture and fittings according to traditional handy craft.

Alec Bauer of Kitchen Restaurant + Bar Special designed a custom made oven offering the opportunity to cook over the open fire.

Interior Design

Studio SAINT,


Vintage and custom made (Me Speak Design, Kwangju Yo, Jeremiah Collection)


1085 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA