Archer Hotel Napa

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San Francisco

The Napa Valley has an excellent reputation. Every year, over 3.5 million people pilgrimage to the Californian wine-growing district with its Mediterranean climate. The Archer Hotel Napa is a further magnet.

Roger Brown from LK Architecture Inc. describes the interior concept as follows: “The architectural vocabulary of the hotel stems from the vineyards. The geometric patterns of the rows are mirrored in the design and radiate a feeling of order and character.”

A signature design element that originally stems from New York’s Archer Hotel is the different design of the rooms. No two rooms are alike.


LK Architecture Inc.,

Interior Design

LK Architecture Inc.,


JLF Furnishings, Bluebird Lighting, Jakobe Furniture, Sandler Seating, Janus et Cie

The essentials

1230 1st St, Napa, CA 94559, USA