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“We see our work as a kind of hobby. Almost as if we would the same things even if we would not get payed for them”, says Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen about Norm Architects. Actually, their work is not only payed, it is also appreciated all over the world. Since its establishment in 2008, the studio experienced a comet-like start towards success.

When they founded the studio, Bjerre-Poulsen and Kasper Røn first worked against market trends. While many designers oriented themselves on Dutch designers with their wild and experimental designs prior to the financial crisis, the two Danes focused on pure minimalism. Then came the Crash and suddenly monumental statements were no longer en vogue. The work of Norm Architects was.

A set of dinnerware the duo designed for Menu took three years of development. At the end, a restaurant came out of it. The interior of Copenhagen’s Höst restaurant tells the history of Nordic culinary art and quickly was voted “Best Design Restaurant in the World”. It also stands for the conceptual strength of the duo in the search of a project’s essence. While others want to be as loud as possible, Norm Architects hum subtle tunes. The is reflected not only in their interiors but also inter lamps, furniture and bath items for companies like Menu, Frederik Werner or ex.t.

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