Jean-Marie Massaud

Product Designer

Since graduating from the design college “Les Ateliers”, Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle in Paris, Jean-Marie Massoud has been working in a spectrum between objects and architecture, custom made pieces and serial productions, micro contexts to macro surroundings.

“I try to find an honest, generous path with the idea that somewhere between hard economic facts there will be users. Humans.” Following this philosophy, the Frenchman creates elegant designs full of lightness that equally satisfy individual and collective needs, economical and industrial efficiencies as well as ecological aspects.

In 2011, Jean-Marie Massoud was awarded the renowned design prize Compasso d’Oro for his “Yale” sofa. Companies such as Axor, Cassina, Christofle, Poliform or Toyota trust his ability to pair comfort with elegance as well as Zeitgeist with heritage.

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