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Photo: Minotti

Made in Italy

Minotti is a typical Italian company: Founded in 1948 by Alberto Minotti and continued to be run by his sons Renato und Roberto after his death in 1991, the company always stayed in the hands of the family. In the meantime, the third generation is about to write successful company history.

What is special about Minotti though is a very unique understanding of the concept “Made in Italy”. This understanding is best expressed by the company’s maxim of “innovation by continuity” that builds a red thread across all collections.

On the one hand stand the most modern technology and industrial precision, on the other hand stand craftsmanship skills and premium tailoring art but also esthetic values such as simplicity and timelessness. Hence tradition and technology melt to products of a unique and special quality.

Rodolfo Dordoni has been shaping Minotti’s unique character decisively for an extensive time. Milan’s architect and designer joined the company in 1997 and sharpened the brand’s image with every collection. His significant influence is also shown in the fact that he was appointed to artistic director and coordinator of all collections in the Northern Italian village of Meda.