traditional. prompt. masterly. courageous.

Photo: Wittmann

Tradition at the Pulse of Time

Over 120 years of craftsmanship tradition stand behind a Wittmann piece of furniture. The result of this tradition passed on from generation to generation are masterly worked upholsteries of selected materials that are famous for their unique comfort as well as their longevity.

Since its beginnings as a saddlery, the family company in the fourth generation stands for precision, passion and love for detail, important principles for a company that manufactures to order and that caters to niches that ask for individuality and exclusivity with its customized designs.

The Austrian manufacturer does not only prove its unique expertise regarding handmade upholstery with every new chair, sofa, seat or bed but also always owns a certain sense for style and design. In the contemplative village of Etsdorf am Kamp, they stay at the pulse of time with surprising lightness without following short-lived trends.

A reason for that is the continuous collaborations with internationally renowned designers. Big names such as Johannes Spalt, Jean Nouvel, Matteo Thun, Paolo Piva and Josef Hoffmann have worked with Wittmann. For the future, important representatives of the youngest generation are ready to go: Jaime Hayon, Sebastian Herkner and Monica Förster.