unagitated. authentic. appealing. thai.
PHOTO: Umbra

Alon Russ grew up with Thai cuisine. The Frankfurt native helped out in his parents’ snack bars as a child. He then wanted to create a restaurant himself; an “unagitated” one that would stand out from the traditional, often kitschy Asian restaurants in the city.

You won’t find fusion cuisine here, Russ’ restaurant stands for authentic Thai dishes from Pad Kra Pao to Khao Niaow Ma Muang (coconut sticky rice with mango). These dishes – presented in an extremely appealing way – are the focus here. The interior is designed with this in mind – with spotlights on the ceilings that illuminate the narrow wooden tables perfectly – and is deliberately kept dark overall.

This also explains the name. “Umbra” picks up on the interplay of light and shadow and the color palette of the interior with its anthracite-colored Mutina tiles. Delicious: the Umbra basil with Thai basil.

If you like it a little more secluded, e.g. with a date, ask for a table in the separee when making your reservation

Interior Design

Studio Gil Russ


Ronan Bouroullec, Raf Simons


Myliusstraße 49, 60323 Frankfurt am Main