The Catch

fresh. japanese. modern. cosmopolitan.
Photo: Alvis Rozenbergs

The Catch in Berlin’s Charlottenburg district brings the spirit of the classic Japanese Izakaya restaurant to the capitol. The restaurant serves a modern interpretation of the traditional Japanese cuisine with a focus on fish and seafood. The products are directly imported from fish markets in Spain and Japan. The gastronomic concept abstains from the classic menu path. Dishes are composed to be shared.

The interior designed by Zane Tetere-Šulce matches the contemporary touch of the restaurant: minimalist yet sophisticated, the Latvian designer combines Tokyo’s nightlife looks with elemants of Japanese nature and philosophy. A light object in the shape of a wooden Japanese fisher boat hanging from the ceiling is a special highlight.

Cosmopolitan flair, highest product quality and Japanese inspired interior all meet up in The Catch

Interior Design

Zane Tetere-Šulce

The essentials

Bleibtreustraße 41, 10623 Berlin