The Slaak Rotterdam

journalistic. nostalgic. eclectic. colorful.

Formerly the newsroom of the daily newspaper “Het Vrije Volk”, today a boutique hotel: The building that was designed by Jo Vegter and built in 1952 has seen many good and bad news.

Of course this story has to be reflected by its new inhabitant. Thus its restaurant with the adjacent bar Didot34 was named after a typeface used by “Het Vrije Volk”. The meeting rooms are called press rooms. The whole house radiates a 50s feeling.

Green and yellow shades dominate and meet materials such as marble, wood and brass. The nostalgic homage to the journalistic past almost lets you hear the reporters’ typewriters.

The hotel is located in the living area Kralingen close to the city center. The market hall, the cubic houses and Rotterdam’s old harbor are all within walking distance.


Jo Vegter

Interior Design



Custom made, Knoll International, Gubi

The essentials

Slaak 34, 3061 CS Rotterdam, Niederlande