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Café Restaurant

Vienna’s Museum for Applied Art scores with a German TV chef: Tim Mälzer surprises the Viennese live and in color with his cuisine.

The interior of the restaurant located in a historic brick building originally built by Ringstraßen-architect Heinrich von Ferstel was remodeled by designer an architect  Michael Embacher. His objective was to create a tavern atmosphere with a special touch.

Taking into account the meter-high rooms with their antique fancy ceilings (Austrians call them “Plafonds”) and the huge windows, this was not and easy task but he solved it stunningly. Fitting the museum, the interior features vintage elements such as Oswald Haerdtel chairs and Josef Frank’s colorful patterned fabrics.

Typical for Mälzer, the Salonplafond does not serve chichi cuisine. Instead you can find down-to-earth favorites such as pulled pork burger with red cabbage slaw, BBQ sauce and thick fries.


Michael Embacher,

Interior Design

Michael Embacher,


Stoffe u.a. Joseph Frank, Stühle u.a. Ernst Schwadron und Oswald Haerdtl, Terrassenstühle u.a. Tholix, Kalmar, Thonet, Vintage


Stubenring 5, 1010 Wien, Austria