Riley Street Garage

Café Restaurant
Photo: Tyrone Banigan

The Riley Street Garage is located on a harbor-side location in an eastern suburb with the memorable Aborigines name Woolloomooloo. The building from the 30s used to be a garage. Richard Alexander of RAD Studio set his focus on New York bistro style, added a touch of Art-Déco and lots of contemporary design. He kept the warehouse elements made of copper, brass and steel. The most striking detail of the 330 m2 space is the central bar.

Richard Alexander also designed the small, intimate restaurant Lessey’s Corner.


Quinton Lloyd (Architektur), Richard Alexander (Interior-Design)/RAD Studio,


Richard Alexander interior RAD Studio, Dima, Alloy, Classic Ceramics, JSB Lighting, Euroluce

Riley Street Garage

55 Riley St, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011, Australia