Photo: Club Marquee

The club Marquee is located on the top floor of Sydney’s greatest entertainment complex called The Star. The club is grand as well. The club’s 1,858 m2 can accommodate 1,200 people. Visitors have the choice of three separate areas: a main room with two dancefloors and a space for installations, the Boombox, a chill-out zone, and an area with DJ and stylish library. Squillace’s creatives also integrated great views of Sydney’s skyline.

Special Tips

A highlight of the club is the 10 meter long stage for LED projections generating visual effects for both dance floors.


Squillace Nicholas Architects,

Interior Design

Interior Barrisol, Show ­Technology, Technical Audio Group


Squillace Nicholas Architects,

The essentials

80 Pyrmont St, Pyrmont NSW 2009, Australia