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The Italian designer is a busy person. Interested in all kinds of subjects, his wide-ranging activities encompass architecture and industrial design as well as art and light. So it seems only logical that his diverse activities do not unfold in just one place: With a more traditional studio in London and a more experimental laboratory in Assisi, Gargano runs two artists’ workshops at once.

Incidentally, it is no coincidence that, in addition to the cosmopolitan city of London, the small town of Assisi in the central Italian region of Umbria is the preferred location for his creative work: Gargano was born here and graduated not far away from the ISIA College of Design in Urbino. The region continues to influence him artistically to this day, and accordingly his laboratory in Assisi serves primarily to further develop his craft approach and to explore a variety of materials.

The fact that the multi-talented designer is extremely successful in this field is demonstrated not only by his great designs, such as the 5mm fittings for Treemme or the Rio R50 furniture collection for EMU, but also by a number of design awards, including the German Design Award in 2014 and the Compasso d’Oro in 2016, without question the Oscar among design trophies.

Emanuel Gargano

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