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Family design

The history of Ligne Roset begins with Antoine Roset, who founded a woodworking company in the small town of Montagnieu in 1860 and soon began to manufacture umbrellas, walking sticks and spars for chairs. The latter in particular proves to be almost fateful for the future, because over time the small business has become a world-renowned company for contemporary, design-oriented home furniture.

Family, however, is still a top priority at Ligne Roset, and so the company has always remained in family hands since its founding. Pierre and Michel Roset, Antoine’s great-grandchildren, played a special role in the company’s development. In the 1960s, they recognized the increasing importance of design and worked closely with interior designer Michel Ducaroy.

The year 1973 proves to be decisive for the company in this respect, as it marks the official founding of the Ligne Roset brand. And the starting signal was given by a piece of furniture that has since become an absolute design classic: the revolutionary Togo seating furniture designed by Ducaroy.

To this day, dynamic collaboration with both established greats and emerging talents of contemporary design remains an integral part of Ligne Roset’s corporate philosophy. The manufacturer maintains international partnerships with more than 70 architects and designers, including multiple award-winning designers such as Didier Gomez, Pascal Mourgue, Peter Maly, Pierre Paulin, Inga Sempé, Philippe Nigro and the Bouroullec brothers.

For all its anchoring in contemporary design, Ligne Roset always feels committed to tradition. Since 1973, all products have been developed in the parent factory in Briord – not far from where Antoine Roset once founded his woodworking business.

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