Restaurant & Café - Copenhagen

Behind the massive bronze doors – that indeed look like an alchemist from the Medieval times was involved – art, theater and gastronomy melt to become a multi-sensorial experience that is unique in Copenhagen’s culinary scene. For chef  Rasmus Munk and creative director Louise Rahr Knudsen, who call the concept “holistic cuisine”, the menu is part of a comprehensive dramaturgy that also includes performances in the restaurant.

Without a doubt, the interior design of the three story high restaurant is part of the ‘drama':  The undisputed highlight surely is the main dining room with its planetarium dome with a diameter of almost 20 meters. The installation of graphic artist Lady AIKO, which creates a veritable New York atmosphere is also a very special attraction.


Special Tips

Besides excited expectations, guests should also bring time. Depending on the dramaturgy, an evening in the Alchemist can take between four and five hours.


Interior Design

Studio Duncalf


Custom made, Gubi, Fritz Hansen


Refshalevej 173C

1432 Kopenhagen



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