VP Plaza España Design

notable. natural. artsy. lively.

Since its opening, this five-star hotel with 214 rooms counts as a symbol of design, art and architecture. Great names came together for the concept: Pere Gifre is the architect of the atrium and creator of a waterfall sculpture. Jan Hendrix delivered the frequently presented motif of the Ginkgobiloba tree. Darío Urzay contributed lively paintings.  Fernando Palacios marked the hallways and some rooms. On top, there are collages by Nacho Zubelzu, paintings by Verónica Domingo-Alonso and photo compositions by Hélène Bergaz.

The Ginkgo Restaurant & Sky Bar on the 12th floor attracts with an outdoor pool with transparent floor

Architecture & Interior Design

b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos, Cuarto Interior, Studio Gronda


Andreu World, Grupo Mobilfresno, Astro Lighting, Gancedo, Casa Desús

VP Plaza España Design

Plaza de España, 5, 28008 Madrid