Villa Kellermann

aromatic. customized. exquisite. original.
Photo: Nils Hasenau

A freshly restored Wilhelminian villa with a view onto Potsdam’s Heiligen lake and a culinary concept developed by one of Berlin’s top chefs – sounds like a promising combination! As the owner of the villa, Germany’s TV host Günther Jauch definitely created the best prerequisites for a truly perfect meal.

The interior designed by Ester Bruzkus Architekten certainly also contributes to that. It creates a stylish balance between old and new. Original architectural elements such as stucco, wood paneling, doors and a marble fireplace were restored with a lot of attention to detail. Furniture and lighting was newly designed and custom made.

Of course, the menu – with which Tim Raue presents his very personal interpretation of German cuisine – is the true highlight. The restaurant serves dishes inspired by Brandenburg and Potsdam. On the one hand it is down to earth, on the other side it features Raue’s incomparable aroma play of sweet and sour as well as pleasant spiciness.

“When I used to visit my grandparents on Sundays, my grandma always set the table opulently. This feeling of not having to worry about anything and being totally spoiled is what I want pass on to our guests.” Tim Raue


A. Günther (1914)

Interior Design

Ester Bruzkus Architekten


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Villa Kellermann

Mangerstraße 34, 14467 Potsdam