Gekko House

casual. cozy. eccentric. symbiotic.
Photo: Gekko Group

Located in the middle of the upcoming Gallus district, the Gekko House is a unique symbiosis: coziness meets luxury,  trifft auf Luxus, lightness meets professionalism, effortlessness meets maturity. An unconventional and different life style hotel that will especially delight maverick travelers.

Matching this, the interior design is full of contrasts and combines rough concrete walls and wood with elegant furniture as well as cozy oak floors. Frankfurt’s Studio Morgan Interiors is responsible for the unusual design. Owner Thomas Tritsch comments: “The combination of rough style elements and cozy chic make for the special charm of the Gekko House.”

The hotel’s claim: Life is crazy

Interior Design

Morgen Interiors


Custom made, Marshall, Nespresso

Gekko House

Mainzer Landstraße 167, 60327 Frankfurt am Main