Moka Efti

legendary. individual. theatrical. excessive.
Bar Club Restaurant

Moka Efti is the name of the legendary dance hall of the successful German series “Babylon Berlin”. And indeed, there was a café with that name in the German capitol in the 20s. At the end of 2019, a new Mona Efti opened in Berlin. The bar is stylish with its custom made furniture and fabrics chosen by a theater outfitter for a living room – but it also works as a club for excessive parties. The music is electronic and a grand unexpected crossover.  The brief to the DJ: “Play what nobody expects!”

Vintage lights meet high tech: The crystal and art-deco GDR lamps can be controlled by a computer

Architecture & Design

Inhouse, Philip Baumbach (Architect and Sound-Designer), Sascha Kramer (TruSt Bar)

Interior Design

Custom made, Vintage

Moka Efti

Stadtbahnbogen 159/160, 10115 Berlin