hip. cubist. open. entwined.
Café Restaurant
Buenos Aires
Photo: Daniela Mac Adden

Restaurants are growing like mushrooms in the green district Villa Devoto. After Alicia de Luca and Casa Lucca, the steak house with bar is already the third restaurant in the neighborhood that was designed by the design studio MMCV.

The dominant black framed window fronts are repeated in the outside area where they function as cubist winter gardens.

The main room is dominated by an open kitchen with concrete counter and a super long leather couch. The picture is softened by wooden tables and chairs as well as bird cage lamps hanging from the ceiling and entwined with ivy.

Special Tips

The center of the restaurant and at the same time frame for the staircase is a two-story high glass wine refrigerator that connects the two stories. A mirrored background that multiplies the bottles is a further optical amplification.

Interior Design

MMCV,; Nidolab Arquitectura,


custom made



Av. Francisco Beiro 4420, C1419HZT Devoto, Buenos Aires, Argentina