Niño Gordo

instagrammable. asian. red. exuberant.
Café Restaurant
Buenos Aires
Photo: Nadia Silva

A factor that is becoming increasingly important in gastronomy is wether or not a place is “instagrammable”. The Asian-Argentinian fusion bar-restaurant Niño Gordo (translates ‘fat child’) in the hip Palermo district definitely fulfills this criterion.

Especially the ceiling with its over 100 red Chinese lanterns is flooding social media channels. The atmosphere reminds of a bar as seen in Geisha movies or Japanese saunas of the 60s. It receives a unique character via its exuberant furnishings and fits the meat-heavy meals and the tiny leading actor. Asian abundance!

The ‘fat child’ can be found on each table. The head functions as a lamp.


Candelaria Gonzalez

Interior Design

Emilia Carranza and Pedro Peña


custom made

Niño Gordo

Thames 1810, C1414DDL CABA, Argentina