Le Petit Royal Frankfurt

international. inviting. stylish. seasonal.
Photo: Robert Rieger

An atmosphere of departure can be felt in Frankfurt’s central station district. If another proof is needed for the coming change, here it is. The makers of the Grill Royal opened their first restaurant outside of Berlin in October 2019.

The restaurant is located in a historic 20th century building ensemble that has been meticulously restored to a hotel. With its stylish mix of specially designed upholstery, classic Ikora lamps and a selection of contemporary art, it matches its elegant surroundings. However, the rustic surroundings are what matter for the cuisine: To assure best quality products, chef Udo Grigas cooperates with local producers such as a trout farm, a butcher and a farm.

“For us the city is an exciting challenge. There is an international flair and a close proximity to seasonal cuisine.” says Boris Radczun, Grill Royal-co-founder

Le Petit Royal Frankfurt

Neckarstraße 13, 60329 Frankfurt am Main