Chicheria Demente

landmarked. lively. celebrating. culinary.
Café Restaurant
Photo: Sokolof Interior

The Chicheria Demente is located in the Barrio San Felipe, the district that recently turned into a gallery quarter.  The Chicheria Demente was built onto a 500 m2 large historic community center that was threatened to collapse.

The concept of the place focuses on the show barbecue grill. This aspect was especially important for the interior designers. They looked at the liveliness of the kitchen action as the central element that should stay in the center of attention.

Used furniture, for example from public schools, gets a new life here.


Sokoloff & Sewerin Architects,


Vintage, custom made

Chicheria Demente

Cl. 69 #15-8, Bogotá, Colombia