Casa Legado

diverse. narrative. flowery. artsy.
Photo: Casa Legado

The hotel Casa Legado takes the boutique hotel business very personally. Owner and designer Helena Dávila designed a house in which guests are supposed to feel like part of the family.

Each of the seven rooms is designed individually. When selecting wallpapers and furniture, she made sure that each room tells its own story – such as one of her childhood in the country – that she adorns with daily changing flower arrangements.

Each room is also decorated with art from Colombian artists like Margarita Gutierrez or Marta Visbal that can be purchased by guests.

Nice design in the lobby: A vintage ice cream truck serves as a reception.

The Casa Legado is located in the perfect neighborhood in close proximity to many trendy cafés, restaurants and bars.

Interior Design

Helena Dávila


Manola, Tybso, Carolina Gómez/Las Heroinas, Michelle Design, La Condensa

Casa Legado

Cra. 8 #6-9, Bogotá, Colombia