typical. milanese. geometric. luxurious.

When architect Dorothea Schulz was asked to design a typical Milanese coffee bar, she did not have to think long. She studied in the capital of Lombardy and spent much time in exactly these art-nouveau cafés.

So it was easy to interpret typical elements in a modern manner for the Cellini. The main materials are granite, brass as well as wood. These all are embedded in a strict geometry that picks up the building’s structure and mirrors it decoratively on the floor, ceiling and wood paneling.

Another important characteristic can be found in the choice of colors: The brass that symbolizes Italy’s sun and black-brown floor tiles that stand for the color of coffee beans set the stage. All this gives whole ensemble a luxurious touch.

Except for the chairs and lamps, everything is custom made

Architecture & Design

Dreicon AG (Dorothea Schulz)

Interior Design

Gubi, Nemo


Europaallee 4, Zürich