Biutiful Downtown

glamorous. contemporary. traditional. modern.

New edition of a famous bar in the Centrul Vechi district: Fans of the first Biutiful now can also find the famous beer tanks, Chesterfield sofas and their old friends, the reindeer and the rabbits in Timpuri Noi.

In the Biutiful Downtown, this mix stands for a rather glamorous lifestyle that was brought into a contemporary direction and combines the traditional with the contemporary. Besides Curio objects, exposed power and ventilation lines set accents.

The eclectic furniture mix highlights 1961 chairs of the Dutch modernist Friso Kramer. The contrasting effect of these manifold details represent the soul of the room. That can also be felt when the food is served on iron boards and cordial in crystal glasses.

The Biutiful Downtown has its own radio channel.  Info:

Architecture & Interior Design

Mihai Popescu & Nadia Popescu/Twins Studio Bukarest


Twins Studio

Biutiful Downtown

Splaiul Unirii 165, Bukarest