Baxter Cinema

cineastic. elegant. stylish. refurbished.

Once a cinema, today a cultural asset. Milan’s former President cinema has turned into a setting for Baxter’s furniture.  This closes a circle as the cinema was popular among the Milanese because it was the first cinema that put a focus on comfortable seats, quality and elegance.

Fortunately, both Milanese and guests can still enjoy the carefully renovated place from a cozy seat. Comfort, superior craftsmanship and style play the leading part at Lombardy’s leather specialist.

Especially theatrical: A wide staircase leads down to the formal movie hall. What you find today is diligently designed areas with hand painted carpets, a cinema suite and even a small book store. These serve as a meeting point for events.

After the expedition through the showroom, head to the adjacent bar featuring the Baxter look. It is cozy, elegant and perfect for a relaxing drink.


Bestetti Associati

Interior Design

Stefano Guidotti


Baxter, Viabizzuno

Baxter Cinema

Largo Augusto, 20122 Milano MI, Italy