delicious. cozy. open-minded. frill-free.
Photo: Sonja Ahmed

The summer of 2019 brought great news for Cologne’s culinary scene: Eric Werner, formerly Germany’s youngest two-star chef, opened his first own restaurant Astrein. The menu features classic dishes that are prepared with a lot of care; a tasty cuisine that comes across as light and open-minded at the same time.

Just as with his menu, Werner omits all superfluous frills in the interior of his restaurant: Simple elegance dominates and warm colors create a cozy atmosphere. The only exception is the extravagant colorful jungle wallpaper from a friendly group of monkeys observes guests while they dine.

“My aim is to create premium meals and offer professional service without being aloof.” Eric Werner

The essentials

Krefelder Straße 37, 50670 Köln