Archive 18-20

Masculine. Multifaceted. Selected. Trendy.

The idea that men don’t like to shop is a cliché from the last millennium. The Parisian concept store 18-20 breaks with this stereotype and and created a special place for men of creation. Younger and older guys rummage through a carefully curated selection of this shop in the trendy Marais district. The racks feature seasonable pieces, such as blue shirts with orange Kois from SaintPaul or black-silver satin jackets by Marc Jacobs. What else does man need? Certainly limited edition sneakers from Adidas, laurel scented shaving cream from L:A Bruket or a trolley from Toot Sweet. By the way: female company can keep busy with the unisex selection. Among others, they can find jewelry from Gold We Trust Paris, scented candles from Chabaud Maison de Parfum or Weibliche Begleitungen finden mit dem Unisex-Angebot Beschäftigung. Es gibt u.a. Schmuck von In Gold We Trust Paris, Duftkerzen von Chabaud Maison de Parfum or coffee-table books from Taschen.

You can spend your time with coffee-table books and art in the attached coffee shop Comptoir 18 – 20.

Interior Design

Daniel Gallot


Furniture by Daniel Gallot

Archive 18-20

18 Rue des Archives, 75004 Paris, France