Zentis Osaka

authentic. natural. chic. industrial.
Photo: Design Hotels™

No doubt: Design is an important topic in the Zentis Osaka. The chic boutique hotel excites with a special style that is international while still representing a unique homage to Japanese design. British interior designer Tara Bernerd is responsible for the unique look. In the 90s, she earned her merits at Philippe Starck’s Studio YOO.

Bernerd refers elegantly to the surroundings with natural materials such as wood and Ceppo stone, while bricks and metal fixtures reflect the industrial heritage of Osaka. Regarding the furnishings, the designer was also inspired by culture, history and atmosphere of the city; a successful mix of mid-century furniture and pieces designed by her provide an authentic flair.

“The most important aspect of the design is the search for components that are authentic and will prevail over time.” Tara Bernerd


Toshiken architecture office & Kajima Design

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Tara Bernerd & Partners


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Zentis Osaka

1-4-26 Dojimahama, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0004