W Rome

glamorous. fulminant. bubbly. charming.
Photo: Marriott International

With the W Rome that opened in December 2021 the brand W Hotels gave its debut in Italy. And that is fulminant: Two neighboring19th Century palazzi in prime location on the Via Liguria close to the Spanish Stairs were thoroughly re-designed to a both stylish and bubbly hotel.

The house designed by New York’s design studio Meyer Davis courageously combines traditional and modern interior elements – an eclectic mix that skillfully re-interprets Roman design. The result is glamorous rooms with an authentic and unforgettable charm.

“The W Rome will enrich the city’s hotel scene with its own interpretation of modern luxury.” Candice D’ Cruz, Marriott International

Interior Design

Meyer Davis


Custom made

W Rome

Via Liguria 26/36, 00187 Rom