Toranomon Hills

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HOTEL Restaurant
PHOTO: Joachim Wichmann

The Toranomon Hills Hotel is located on the ground floor and on the 11th to 14th floors of the Toranomon Hills Station Tower.
Tower. The primary approach of the interior follows the idea of Space Copenhagen’s “slow aesthetic”, which combines natural materials and craftsmanship with quality, durability and a certain slowness.

The centrepiece of the hotel is the lobby, which takes on the role of a “multi-purpose living room”. It is reception and concierge, lively café, bar and delicatessen all in one. Directly next to the lobby, the duplex-style suites offer additional space for private events on a smaller scale.

Materials such as wood, natural stone, tiles and the muted colour palette with subtle textures exude a natural flair. Design principles such as simplicity and functionality create harmony and connect the hotel with its surroundings.

The restaurant Le Pristine on the ground floor of the hotel is run by Michelin-starred chef Sergio Herman

Interior Design

Space Copenhagen


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Toranomon Hills

2-6-4, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo