The Midtown Hotel

modern. cozy. functional. central.
Photo: Sebastian Drüen

Awesome threesome. That is what Johannes Adams thought. After his first two Cologne hotels The New Yorker and the Airport Hotel, he opened The Midtown Hotel in thee inner city close to the Dom.

The busy architect was also responsible for the interior design. The theme for the 40 rooms follows the concept „Enjoy the Difference“ and was implemented in four categories.

Chairs and tables by Dutch manufacturer Montis are as much part of the concept as are chairs and sofas by the Canadian label Binsen and German lamps by Occhio. Custom-made pieces like wardrobes and desks designed by the owner support the modern coziness.

Houndstooth pattern on the floor, flowing curtains, velvet fabrics and piled wood in the fireplace: the breakfast buffet in the hotel is a design experience.

Interior Design

Johannes Adams


Custom-made, Montis, Bensen, Enea, Occhio, Belux

The Midtown Hotel

Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring 48, 50672 Köln, Germany