The Broadview

moving. past. sexy. retro.

Plush. Suspenders. Red-light. The Broadview has a hot past. But things have gotten proper on the corner of Queen Street and Broadview Avenue. The former strip club was turned into a luxurious boutique hotel by real estate developer Streetcar Developments and the Canadian DesignAgency.

Since the opening, the 19th century building shows itself more modern than ever with its patchwork floors and patterned wallpapers. Materials like brass, iron and natural stone show their respect for the history of the building.

The architects state: “We studied the past of the building and youthful vibe of the neighborhood to create an atmosphere that is both historic and contemporary – thought through, playful and as relaxing and cozy as the East of the city itself.”

Has it been a while since you put on a record? Thanks to the record players in every room, you can create a nostalgic atmosphere.


ERA Architects

Interior Design



TON, Caesarstone, Orior, CCW, Marble Trend, Clayworks, House of Hackney, Maharam, Charles Rupert Designs, Debi, Anony

The Broadview

106 Broadview Ave, Toronto, ON M4M 1G9, Canada