Casa Cavia

green. historic. fashionable. gastronomic.
Café Restaurant
Buenos Aires
Photo: Juan Hitters

The Casa Cavia already opened in 2014 in a green district of Buenos Aires and combines shop, restaurant, publishing house, book store, flower shop and perfumery under one roof.

Almost five years later, owner Guadalupe García decided to expand the gastronomic area and commissioned the design and architecture studio Kallos Turin to build a kitchen and bar in the patio that is framed by an existing pool, a greened wall and high brass and leather stools.

The challenge for the interior designers was to uphold the original historic details while setting a gentle contrast with contemporary elements. They did that with typical 20th Century materials such as marble, bronze and chessboard mosaics.

The building housing the Casa Cavia was originally built in 1927 by the famous Argentinian architect Alejandro Christophersen in the Beaux-Arts style.


Alejandro Christophesen (original building)

Interior Design

Kallos Turin,, Mercer Seward Arquitectos,


custom made

Casa Cavia

Cavia 2985, C1425DDA CABA, Argentina