Café Flora

lively. renovated. eclectic. moody.

The Café Flora is located in a 1905 building that had been empty since the 80s. Now it was renovated and the Flora has become one of the city’s hotspots. The style (responsible: architect Lionel Jadot) is eclectic and happy and was inspired by Milan’s coffee bars, the 50s and the 80s Memphis design. Sounds like a style crash but matches perfectly and puts you in a good mood. The terrace with 120 seats and the DJ sets in the evenings add to that.

Every element carries Lionel Jadot’s signature. The wooden chairs are from Zaventem Ateliers, where they were realized by Jabot and his father.

Interior Design

Lionel Jadot


Ateliers J&J, Zaventem Ateliers, custom made

Café Flora

Parvis de Saint-Gilles 16A, Brüssel