Château Royal

art-enthusiastic. inspired. hand-made. swanky.
Photo: Felix Brüggemann

Opened in September 2022 and located only a few walking minutes from the Brandenburg Gate, the boutique hotel takes its guests back to Berlin’s heydays. Two landmarked buildings from 1850 and 1910 as well as a roof construction designed by David Chipperfield architects host the exclusive hotel and also set the tone for the interior.

“With the appointments of the Château Royal we refer to the Berlin’s Wilhelminian time, but also the 1920s and with that two of the most memorable epochs for the city”, says Irina Kromayer, responsible for the design. Colored marble, chevron wood floors, oak, nickel and hand made Craquelé tiles mark the interior as does a colorful diced glass wall or sisal rug covered floors of asphalt referred to as ‘Berlin terrazzo’.

In the rooms, custom made oak built-ins, mohair velvet covered furniture and generous bathrooms inspired Schinkel and Bauhaus assure a swanky touch.  Together with selected vintage pieces and the works of more than 100 artists, each room has its personal style.

Bohemian Berlin with a modern interpretation


David Chipperfield Architects

Interior Design

Irina Kromayer with Etienne Descloux and Katariina Minits


Custom made by Christian Haas and Irina Kromayer

Château Royal

Mittelstraße 41–44, 10117 Berlin