Wirtshaus Mättle

fine. convivial. baden. contemporary.
Photo: Wio Group

Young star chef meets upcoming design shooting star – that sounds exciting!  It is all about Nicolai Wiedmer and Sebastian Herkner who turned a 19th Century tavern into a contemporary one in South Baden’s Lörrach.

“We want to connect to tavern tradition but make everything a bit more delicate”, says Sebastian Herkner. Hence furniture and lamps by selected design brands as well as lovely details mark the look and feel – such as the elegant brass line that runs along the walls of the guest rooms and highlights figurative outlines of animals and vegetables or the the bar that has been covered with Herkner’s Soap Tiles.

The contemporary tavern look and the culinary concept add up perfectly: “We serve fine, modern tavern cuisine, ranging from simple bread snacks to Baden meals prepared in our own unique way”, says Nicolai Wiedmer. And that means that you can recognize influences of the classic French cuisine as well as Wiedmer’s love for Asian flavors.

“It is supposed to be a nice parlor that one feels comfortable in but that is not historic but contemporary.”  Sebastian Herkner

Interior Design

Sebastian Herkner


Freifrau, Thonet, Pulpo, Schönbuch, Very Wood, Pedrali, Ames, Kaufmann Keramik, Caparol Icons, custom made

Wirtshaus Mättle

Freiburger Straße 314, 79539 Lörrach