Wilhelm Alexander

joyful. german-french. international. brotherly.
Photo: Holstein Studio

The Humboldt Forum in the re-built Berlin Castle received a culinary addition. Since July 2022, the Wilhelm Alexander, named after the two Humboldt brothers, invites to enjoy in the north-eastern area of the castle.

To be precise, it is about two different gastronomic offers in the location between the Schlüterhof and the Spree shore: The casual fine dining restaurant Wilhelm with German-French cuisine and the internationally oriented Alexander deli.

In both the Wilhelm and the Alexander guests can also eat outside: Surrounded by baroque facades, the restaurant offers an area in the Schlüterhof, while the deli offers seating areas on the Spree terraces with a view of central Berlin landmarks. But the inner spaces also assure a pleasant atmosphere with lots of green and warm wood tones as well as special elements such as golden palm leaves.

On the culinary journey of the Humboldt brothers

Interior Design

Irene Kanne (Kanne Group)

Wilhelm Alexander

Humboldt Forum Schlossplatz, 10178 Berlin