Tsinandali Estate

magical. detailed. historic. bright.

The Tsinandali Estate is a striking place – even for the extraordinary hotels of the Radisson Collection. The buildings of the hotel located in the heart of the renowned wine-growing district of Kakheti are over 200 years old and were formerly part of a wonderful vineyard. 

Just as notable is that Ingo Maurer was commissioned with the art direction of the re-design of the 4,000 square meters large historic complex. The world-famous light designer from Munich, who was responsible for interior design, light planning as well as the design of light objects and furniture among others, went about with a lot of love for detail. An example for that and in every sense of the word a true highlight is the light object “Butterflies Dreaming” with its hand-blown glass and its over-dimensional glass piston and is surrounded by hand made butterflies and was designed for the hotel.  


“The beautiful ruins fascinated me on first sight. Tp turn this magical place into a resort with the highest standards was a wonderful challenge.” Ingo Maurer


Tsinandali Estate

Tsinandali village, Zinandali, 2217